Why Executives Should Consider Working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM

Wealth management and control of your financial future can be a daunting task, and it is often a task that requires regular maintenance. For executives, most of whom are busy with high workloads from their careers and have little time to think about the intricacies of goal-based investing and other investment strategies, working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional can be a great option to help them meet their financial goals.

What makes a CFP® professional different from other financial planners is their requirement to pass the CFP® exam, mandatory continuing education, and their commitment to the CFP® Board’s Code of Ethics and Standard of Conduct.

In this article, we will examine why working with a CFP® professional is a great option to take control of your financial future and why they are an excellent choice for any executive looking to get serious about their goals-based financial planning.


The Difference a CFP® Professional Brings to The Table

A CFP® professional is held to a higher standard than other advisors, and they have strict requirements to meet that standard. Either before or after passing the CFP® exam (another requirement other advisors do not have to take), there is an experience requirement of 6,000 hours of professional experience that directly relates to the financial planning process. That is an immense amount of hours required, and that is in addition to the requirement that all CFP® professionals pass the exam.

While the exam requires an intense amount of studying and passing it is no easy task, the experience of 6,000 hours as a requirement truly sets CFP® professionals apart from other advisors. The education and hands-on experience that all CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals get from this requirement is unparalleled.


The CFP® Standard of Ethics

What makes a CFP® professional different from other financial planners? Ethics spelled out in blocksThe CFP® Board ensures that all CFP® professionals are held to a higher standard of ethics, and this ensures that they will act as a fiduciary in your best interests. This is a noteworthy attribute, as not all advisors and planners are bound by a standard of ethics. Their requirement as fiduciaries are to act in your best interests and may very well be the difference between whether or not you decide to choose a CFP® professional to work with, as working with an advisor not bound by fiduciary duty can be detrimental to your financial portfolio and goals.

Working with an advisor that is going to put your best interests first as opposed to their commission is a significant factor when deciding who you want to help manage your finances. Your best interests should be kept at the forefront of all decisions your advisor makes or recommends. A standard of ethics managed and required by a board of CFP® professionals separates great planners from the rest.


The Difference Between a CFP® Professional and a Financial Advisor

The biggest difference between a CFP® professional and a financial advisor is that a CFP® professional is required to hold a certification ensuring that they have years of experience, continuing education requirements, and they are held to a fiduciary standard.

Financial advisors do not necessarily require or denote any specific credentials; it is an umbrella term that generally refers to a large spectrum of different advisors.

You can always check to see if your advisor is a CFP® professional on the CFP Board website to ensure transparency.


A CFP® Professional Can Help You Take Control of Your Financial Future

A CFP® professional has lofty standards, from their education, experience, and ethics required to maintain that title. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Whether you have questions about investment strategies, retirement planning, or even questions about personal finance like the best credit card, a CFP® professional can help you answer all of your questions and concerns.

Regardless of where you are starting or standing in your financial situation or what questions that you have, a CFP® professional can help you. Here at Brown | Miller, our planners and CFP® professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients. Whether you are seeking investment advice, searching for fixed income options, or need help with estate or tax planning, our professionals take a goal-based planning approach to all financial problems and questions.


A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM in D.C. at Brown | Miller can help you to reach your financial goals

There are many different stages of financial planning. Your finances are all interconnected, from investment advice to tax planning and strategic estate and retirement planning. The financial services offered by the CFP® professionals at Brown | Miller Wealth Management can help you establish the appropriate plans for each situation and find the right financial solutions to ensure that you meet your goals.

Our advisory firm services many executives like you with their best interests kept at the forefront of all decisions made. It is our sole focus to help you reach your financial goals and see you prosper. We seek to help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, especially if you don’t have the expertise and knowledge on where to begin or how to manage things appropriately. However, this is what we specialize in, and you can leave the complexities and intricacies to us as we formulate the best possible strategies for all of your financial needs.

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Our CFP® professionals can help you gain transparency for all of your financial problems and questions with goal-based financial planning that will be catered toward you and your unique financial situation. We leverage our knowledge and expertise in various areas, from financial planning, retirement planning, advanced tax strategies, estate planning, and investment strategies and advice.


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Author: Christopher W. Brown, CFP®, CIMA®

Christopher W. Brown is the Founder and Managing Principal at Brown | Miller Wealth Management.