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It Starts with Our 3 Step Holistic Wealth Management Process

Discover. Design. Deliver.

Our 3D (Discover-Design-Deliver) approach allows us to create a fully comprehensive and holistic view of your financial situation, regardless of whatever stage in life you find yourself. Using this systematic process, we build a long-term, meaningful financial roadmap for you that adjusts as you navigate through your life experiences.

We believe that the power of compounding capital with a well-designed financial plan can profoundly transform and improve lives. We also believe that we can harness and direct this power for the good of our clients, families, and society. As a result, we help educate children and future generations, provide a retirement with dignity and peace of mind, fuel charity and philanthropy, and protect loved ones from the uncertainties of life.

What We Do at Brown Miller

Full-Service, One-Stop Wealth Management Services 

When you work with the Brown | Miller team, we can handle all of your wealth management needs regardless of the complexity.

What Brown Miller Wealth Management provides

We couple in-depth financial planning with our roles as Washington DC area investment management professionals to offer a full range of wealth management services.

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