Is Your Financial Discipline Impacting Your Success?

Your financial discipline is how well you adhere to your financial plan and monetary goals. This is a critical factor in any individual’s success and particularly important for business owners and entrepreneurs. A financial advisor in the D.C. area can help you strive toward your ideal financial life if you can be held accountable within a devised plan crafted uniquely for you.

Financial discipline can help you save for goals in your personal life, from taking vacations and retiring to funding education and estate planning. In your business life, it can make the difference between weathering the unexpected and coming out on top or not.

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When the foundation for your financial discipline is well-defined goals, you are motivated to achieve them; it helps streamline your day-to-day choices. You know when to say no and when to say yes. 

Read on to discover how to apply financial discipline to support your success in life and business.


Discipline Starts with Motivation

When you’re thriving within your business, job, or investments are bringing in a substantial income, it can be tempting to spend or give frivolously. Many people do. Unfortunately, a lack of financial discipline during our most prosperous times fails to maximize its potential for our life and legacy.

At the same time, depriving yourself/your family of experiences or denying essential enjoyment defeats your purpose for working so hard in the first place.

As with any powerful tool, balance is key. While the upside of discipline is financial strength, the danger can be too much rigidity. A solid plan needs to allow for calculated risks when they can advance your overall goals and well-being. It also needs to make space for a life you enjoy.

Fear-based discipline can result in too much contraction and rigidity. When you are connected to your why behind the discipline and focused on your long-term goals for yourself and your family, you can steer towards those goals while enjoying your life today.

Sustainable financial discipline stems from knowledge and aligned motivation, not fear. In its best manifestation, financial discipline encourages growth and personal development. 


A Guide for Decision-Making

Even financially savvy and wealthy individuals are prone to poor financial choices. If not fiscally regimented and balanced, they can even acquire toxic mindsets over time. 

The beauty of financial discipline is that it can stop you from making mistakes that would otherwise set you back. It helps you make decisions that align with your goals and avoid the pitfalls caused by regrettable lapses of reason or emotional impulses.

When you are clear on what motivates you, it is easier to recognize when other factors distract you from your goals. Financial discipline can improve your relationships because it encourages you to take the long view and set and achieve goals that benefit you and your loved ones. 

As you put it into practice, it promotes self-awareness, sound decision-making, and productive choices.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, financial strength gives you a competitive edge. It empowers you to continue pushing forward, even when times are lean or when all available funds are helping to grow the business. Financial discipline can help you power through situations without compromising who you are or what you are building.

Another way financial discipline supports entrepreneurial growth is by helping you capitalize on new opportunities. This can impart the foresight to know when to change direction or scale up your business, for example. Financial discipline supports transparent decision-making that helps you adapt to the evolving conditions and transform complexities into solutions.

Even if entrepreneurship or business ownership isn’t your path, financial discipline can still benefit your career. Financial strength allows you to make intelligent investments in your future and offers you the power to make choices that will boost your success at work.

Financial strength is a clear asset for any profession because it means fewer worries about money and more room to focus on what you do best.


Accelerate Wealth Creation

A four-lane freeway and a meandering path may get you to the same destination, but not at the same pace. Financial discipline paves the way for you to reach your essential goals faster than a haphazard savings plan. 

Ultimately about having control over your life’s direction without sacrificing your values, financial discipline is more than a method for saving money. It is a tool for accomplishing what is important to you.

Contrary to how some may think about it, financial discipline does not focus on living with less but rather on making the best use of your time and money. This allows you to live more of the life you want now and in the future. 

It is a foundation that enables you to have more for yourself, your family, the community, and the world. It creates opportunities to continue learning and creating strategic partnerships with financial advisors and other helpful professionals.

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Create a Legacy

When you keep your financial house in order long enough to create financial independence, you place yourself in a position to give generously to family, friends, your community, and meaningful causes. Those who follow in your footsteps will proceed with a good example.

Financially disciplined people can impact the world around them by donating to charities and establishing community resources. 


A Foundation for Financial Freedom

Financial discipline is the foundation for financial freedom. It is not about sacrificing today’s fun for future gains. It is about setting and executing a strategic plan to get where you want to go quickly and efficiently. 

Financial discipline is the process of making conscious choices so that your life’s direction is determined by your values, not impulses or outside influences.


Take the First Step 

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Author: Christopher W. Brown, CFP®, CIMA®

Christopher W. Brown is the Founder and Managing Principal at Brown | Miller Wealth Management.