4 Benefits of a Financial Planner in D.C. For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, having a comprehensive financial plan in place that aligns with your goals is essential. You need to know that all of your bases are covered and that you can make intelligent decisions for your company and its financial future. The good news is that there are ways for small business owners in D.C. to get the help they need with their finances.

Here are some benefits of having an advisor on your team:

  •  You can focus on honoring and delivering your company’s mission
  • You get an objective opinion backed by experienced financial advice
  • You learn about ongoing financial options to help you meet your financial goals
  • You can make better decisions regarding financial planning strategies for your business and yourself

This article will help you decide if it’s finally time to hire a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM in D.C. to affirm you are on the right track to success.


1. You save time and get back to your company’s mission

If you’re like most small business owners, the majority of your time is spent running day- to-day operations. Whether it’s marketing, sales, or customer service—you’re working hard to grow and improve your business. But it can feel like too many moving pieces when you don’t have help with financial planning, tax planning, and wealth management.

Bottom line, ask yourself where your attention needs to be. A financial advisor in Washington D.C. can help you focus on what’s most important for your business to thrive.


2. You get an objective opinion

If you’re seeking support, look for a fiduciary financial advisor—a professional who knows how to help you make the best decisions for your business and puts your business goals as a top priority. A fiduciary financial advisor is not paid by commission, so they can provide objective advice about what’s best for your financial health. At Brown | Miller, we are a fiduciary financial planner in D.C. who can serve as your ally.

Financial planning strategies involve assessing your risk tolerance and providing guidance on how much risk you should take with the money in your business account. If there are any areas where we find things lacking in investment strategy or other choices, changes will be made to improve areas of concern.

When choosing a financial advisor for your company, ensure their interests align with yours. The last thing that any small business owner wants is someone else making money off their hard work—especially when it comes time to sign checks!


3. You’re educated about your financial options.

In addition to helping you save money, a financial planner in D.C. can educate you about your options:

financial planning strategies quote the best defense is a good offense with a backdrop of trees● Why are interest rates so high?

● How is inflation impacting my ROI?

● How should I structure my retirement plans?

● Should I invest in stocks, bonds, or real estate?

● What about my retirement bucket list?

Your dedicated advisor should help answer these questions (among many others) to make the best decisions for your business, family, and future goals. At Brown | Miller, we serve a diverse clientele base.


4. You can plan for the future.

A financial advisor in the D.C. area can help you plan for the future of your business, family, and employees.

You deserve a high-quality financial advisor-client relationship that can last a lifetime.

Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or a small business owner, take time to look over our core principles to understand how we operate and what you can expect:

1. Client comes first

2. Standard of excellence

3. Integrity

4. Power of teamwork

5. Deliver value


Outsourcing your financial advisory needs makes sense for any business owner.

The reality is that there’s so much to focus on when you’re running a small business, financial planning can be low on the list of priorities, which can lead to trouble.

But here’s the thing: a reliable financial advisor can help you save money and make better decisions about your company’s future—improving its bottom line. All that time saved by not worrying about financial tasks means more time to:

  • Focus on building relationships with customers or other vendors in your network
  • Work with employees and contractors
  • Nurture relationships within your community
  • Spend time with family members


Brown | Miller approach

financial advisor washington dc diagram of 3D approach to financial planning: Discover. Design. Deliver.Let’s face it—your small business is more than just a job. It’s your baby, and you want to make sure it’s thriving. As you’ve probably heard, the biggest thing that keeps businesses from growing is a lack of capital.

We have a track record of helping clients achieve financial goals by providing them with the financial planning strategies and services they need when they need them the most. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and make those dreams come true, we’d welcome the opportunity to understand how we can help.

We can advise you on many aspects of your financial life: investing strategies, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance policies, loans for new equipment, or debt consolidation! We are committed to providing objective advice about how best to meet your needs now so that everything will be ready when things take off!

Our mission is to profoundly enrich your life through the power of compounding capital and a well-designed wealth management plan.


The Takeaway

The benefits of working with a fee-only financial advisor in the D.C. area for your small business can save time/energy and help you get back to your company’s mission. Are you ready to up-level your knowledge within planning for the future? Outsourcing such needs makes sense for any business owner at any growth or maturity stage.

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Author: Christopher W. Brown, CFP®, CIMA®

Christopher W. Brown is the Founder and Managing Principal at Brown | Miller Wealth Management.